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Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hi Mom

I'm actually really mad I missed Cinco de Mayo. My companion and I were planning on it being a big deal, but we both completely forgot. Sad day. I'll be picking up the package (from home) from my Zone Leaders today. I'm excited. And so are my companions. I may or may not be draining my personal funds today. We'll see what happens. I need a coat mainly, which I will be getting this week.  I just a windbreaker I can be on the bike with. When we're in the car we're fine with just suit coats.   I also need some little things that I can't go any longer without and a watch. Did I tell you mine broke? And then I lost it? So irritating. For a few days we had one watch for three Elders. Not fun.

Our Ward’s area is basically, if you draw a circle around Mawson Lakes, Tea Tree Plaza, Holden Hill, and RiverCrest(...River something I don't remember. Something like that. With an R.) There is one other Elder companionship that covers from Para Vista east, and travelling Sisters comps that covers our Ward and Golden Grove Ward.  So 7 missionaries, a lot. Our flat has a washer, but there aren't any dryers in the Mission, everything is hung up. I don't really know about fresh bread and produce, the Woolys is pretty much just like grocers in the states. We eat pretty well. Aussie food really isn't that different, it’s more how they eat. Yes we get just about as much boiling hot water as we could want and the flats pretty new so the bathroom isn't smashed yet. We're working on it though. Toilet broke for the first time last week.

We'll be Skyping Sunday morning around 9am Adelaide time (for Mother’s Day). I was just informed. Prepare yourselves. We'll be at a member’s home going from their computers.

I love you, happy Mother's week.

Elder Hatch

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