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Mission Ready
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 20, 2013

We've been talking to a young Pilipino family since I got here, and we've been trying to get the other three members of their family involved for a while, and this week they started participating and said they'd stick to it as a family! WOOO!!!!!
LMRA (Lockheed swimming pool area) is closing?! That’s crazy I thought they'd never pull it down. Sad. I'll miss it. 

Good luck with the house! Take lots of pictures for me! Make sure whoever buys it from you understands they have to house me for a few days after my mission. And the kangaroos and koalas I bring home. Jokes aside, I'm definitely coming home with the biggest didgeridoo I can find. We're short on time this week, most of P-day we had rehearsal for a thing we have to sing with President at an upcoming Zone Conference.

Mark and Christina look great, I hope they had a lot of fun.  (Friends from Seminary)

This is my favorite. Ever.

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