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Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 15, 2013 (and the 8th)

Transfers have been a bit revealing for me as a new Missionary.  It was interesting to be able work with new Elders who had different ideas and focuses than my last companion, and so far it’s been fantastic. Last week we cancelled two of our baptismal dates.  It was unfortunate, but neither had come any closer in progression to their (baptism) dates.  But in just three days, in this first week, we set dates for four more investigators, all in the month of May, and are looking forward to setting at least two more in the coming week. Each of them is solid and excited to receive answers to their prayers.  Being part of each of those in such a short amount of time was, for lack of a better explanation, overwhelming.  I loved it, and I love these investigators. I can't wait to see how the Lord blesses their lives in the coming weeks.

One of the former investigators had a really rough week though. She's socially unstable, and came to rely on the Elders she was speaking to in the past few weeks. When my companion was moved, she was extremely upset. Most of the weekend I was worried we'd drive up to the Modbury Chapel and find that she'd started it on fire. Her date had been set for last weekend, and she claims if she had been baptized, and Elder Stirling left right afterward, she'd have (done something bad). I'm completely lost on how to handle the situation. I know that if we cut contact she'll be even more upset, but continuing to talk with her seems dangerous as well. Either way, she's likely to confront our Bishop about my companion's transfer, since she believes he makes the decision on transfers and is "responsible".  We've tried to explain that it’s through revelation, and doesn't have anything to do with our Bishop, but evidently she has not understood.

Transfers were a blessing. My last companion is, while a genius, (was a difficult) person.   It's not healthy to focus on (our issues) even now that we aren't Companions anymore so I say it only to contrast my two new companions (we're a trio) are two very humble missionaries. The first is Elder Paulo from Samoa, he doesn't speak much English but he has a great testimony and he asks everyone to get baptized. He's great. The other, Elder Sexton from Tennessee, was at BYU at the same time as I was.  He's a great missionary. This is going to be a great transfer.  Elder Stirling took the place of one of our Zone Leaders who went home so he's fired up more than ever.  Things are going well though.

Conference was awesome; there were so many great talks. Elder Holland is fantastic, Elder Ballard, Pres. Uchtdorf like always, and even Elder Cook this time. Great Conference.  Blanca shake everyone's hands!  I'm excited to get the Ensign and really study them (the talks).

(In response to questions about if it was nice to not be experiencing finals weeks at BYU)… And no it doesn't feel nice because here it’s like every week is finals week and no one is getting baptized yet. We're working on it though.

Have a great week! We'll talk more soon.

April 8, 2013 
(A short email with simple responses to the emails he received from home.)

Yes, we don't get to watch it (General Conference) until next week so don't say anything about it. It’s like missing the Super Bowl. I don't want to hear anything until I see it.

(His flat) a pretty cool place. The bikes are (kept) under the stairs.   We are on the third story over the (Bellezza Gourmet Chicken) chicken shop.  Mawson Lakes (his area) is upscale and very green.  Maybe it won't be in a couple months, but at least right now it is.  Great biking weather.

Elder Hatch

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