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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 1, 2013

I have literally less than 20 minutes to write. I had to give a talk in church on Easter Sunday; it went alright but like always could have been better. My trainer is from Brisbane, he came out when he was 18 so he's younger than me, and he has been out about a year. We have the nicest flat in the mission its third story on Goodall Parade in Mawson Lakes. 
As you can tell our schedules are pretty busy, we teach about 20 lessons per week and pretty much follow the standards of excellence for the Pacific missions, except in Church attendance which we're working on now. Member lessons are difficult too with the Ward we're in, there aren't a whole lot of great members right around us and we work a lot with the ones that will come out with us. We eat a lot, we don't sleep enough, and we teach all the time. Thanks for the mail, it’s good to know everything is still going well at home, good luck this week, can't wait to hear more. Time goes so fast!

I'm not sure which set of flats he lives in, but here are some examples of flats on Goodall Parade.

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