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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 25, 2013

Ahh.. I have no time. We'll be going to the Temple soon; yes we're staying very very very busy. I still haven't taken too many pictures, we can only use the cameras on p-days and their usually too busy to think about pictures. And no we don't really do fun things on p-day, most of it is getting everything together for the week.

Thanks for the article (Pub Crawl in Adelaide) and yes we know about those streets and that’s why Rundle is strictly off limits to all missionaries, along with a couple of other streets. Those guys party harder than we preach. I have to go.  It’s good to hear from you and I can't wait to talk more next week.

March 21, 2013
UNIVERSITY students charged into one of Adelaide's busiest intersections, stopping traffic and jumping on a car trapped in the scrum during one of Australia's largest pub crawls.  Video has emerged of thousands of students on the annual Adelaide University Engineering Society pub crawl converging on the intersection of Rundle and Pulteney streets in a huge flash mob about 9pm last night (Saturday).
The video shows some of the students - among an estimated 5000 wearing Boozing Bad' t-shirts - stopping traffic and jumping on the bonnet and roof of a dark-coloured sedan trapped in the throng.  The footage was recorded by Sydney resident Catherine Greenhill on her phone from her bedroom at the Quest Mansion apartments on Pulteney Street after hearing roars from the crowd.  "It was pretty out of control," Ms Greenhill said.  "My heart was racing. I just thought - I'm going to hear one of these kids hit the deck."  Organisers promote the annual event on their Facebook page as the world's largest `shirted' pub crawl. Ms Greenhill said the flash mob occurred "many, many times" and decided to call the police at 9.30pm.
"I saw two police cars and two policemen in the centre of the intersection, but the next time the red light came sure enough everyone ran in the middle again," she said.  Police arrived soon after and dispersed the crowd. A police spokeswoman said officers were viewing CCTV footage from the intersection to investigate whether this and other offences had been committed.
More than 30 bars and nightclubs were listed on the event's Facebook page, where the AUES promises "a night so memorable you'll wish you hadn't forgot it".  "The AUES has lined up 30 venues ... with an additional four venues where you can get your craving fix by the ounce or pound," it reads.  "You own this town."
A university spokesperson said the university did not sanction the event but would be following up with the student society involved in the event. AUES president Maxim Dupree said: "We expect all students to demonstrate positive, responsible behaviour on and off campus with respect for people and property as members of the University and wider community.  "We certainly do not promote or support any form of binge drinking."  Pub crawlers and others took to Facebook and Twitter yesterday to both defend and condemn Friday night's antics. "The AEUS have a lot to answer for," Andrew Christ posted on Twitter.  "Cars got swarmed."  

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