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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 3, 2013

Yep I'm still alive. I'm in the Mawson Lakes area, we're on bikes, and yes it’s pretty hot here. My arms are already sun burnt  It’s still quite a bit like the states, and it’s kind of a nicer area. There are only four member families in our area of the Ward. Most of the people we talk to are students at South Adelaide. Most of them are immigrants rather than traditional Australian. We taught an Iranian family yesterday, and we're talking with a Chinese guy, Philippians, Malaysians, and a family from Azerbaijan. We're always busy.
There are three stakes in the Adelaide mission, all three here in town. The other two areas they send missionaries to is up in Darwin and Alice Springs. Usually 10-20 missionaries in both I think. There are less than a hundred missionaries here. The Alice Springs Elders teach the aboriginals, so they are the ones that live in tents.
I'll probably be here in Mawson Lakes/Modbury for quite a while though. They just opened up Kangaroo Island too so maybe I'll spend some time there later. I haven’t seen any kangaroos yet. My trainer is from Brisbane, but he might as well be American. I have almost no time at all so I need to get off, thanks for writing. Good luck and take care this week. 

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