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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Facebook Post

Today, one of the alumni from Colin's Seminary class posted  this on Facebook.

CC: I do love L. Tom Perry. Plus he kinda looks like the old man from Up!

ML (Seminary teacher):   That observation reminds me of your running commentary during seminary while watching seminary movies. Thanks for the memories

CC: Hahaha I loved doing that! You're welcome Every time I watch one of those videos (I saw one just three weeks ago, actually) I can't help but turn to make a comment to Nathan and Colin even though they're not there.

Class of 2008-2009:  Back row:  Ashton, Kiefer, Colin, Nathan, Michael, Bobby.  Front row:  Stephanie, Devin, Chandrie, Marissa.  Motley crew, especially at 5:45 am...

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