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Mission Ready
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 9, 2013

This week P-day is today since it’s also Temple day. Which means, yes, we just got back from the Temple. Adelaide must have the smallest Temple ever made. It was good though, nice to finally go through again.

(In response to questions about his suits…)  I’m probably a 32 waist now. Sadly. It may be good to call the Utah suit place just to get my measurements. I can't have changed that much. I'm wearing that one right now just because my other one is trashed and I didn't want to wear it to the Temple. I don't really like either of them. I can handle the hem. I'm pretty sure 36 is right and I need a short jacket. Straight front pants.

We're still in the car, I've been driving a bit. We stay plenty warm, we picked up some coats off some other elders near-by. If you're cold you just aren't biking hard enough.

Thanks for the mail, I'll be on here again on Monday.

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