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Saturday, January 19, 2013

December 27, 2012

First P-day...

The mildew thing was a joke because we're prisoners in a dungeon, but never mind. Right now they have us scheduled to leave on the 7th of January, and there are four of us, just my companion and I to Adelaide, but he lost his passport and is pretty much definitely going to have visa delays, if not a transfer stateside. I really, really hope they don't keep me around to wait for him. I'm not really sure about the other two. One is headed to Perth and the other to Sydney. We all share a room.

Can't wait to get in country, the MTC can get pretty dry sometimes. The biggest difference is just always being rushed and busy, which is really irritating.  And not everything fits into the schedule, sometimes we have two lessons planned in advance for our fake investigators.  The instructors still get mad when I study alone during companion study, which I get but right now everything is role playing so nothing really makes sense. Yesterday we taught someone for the first time who wasn't either an Elder or an instructor. His name is Alexandre Paul, you should look him up, he's supposedly a retired "consul general" and Haitian Diplomat and I'd like to know if there’s anything to that. He's definitely a sharp guy and really threw some curve balls at me. He's a volunteer here so I'm almost positive he's a member living in the area and just plays a nonmember so we can teach him. My companion doesn't really do much teaching at all. Which is fine with me, I like doing all the heavy lifting anyway.

It snowed all day yesterday. We got about a little more than two feet, literally. It’s pretty cool. Make sure you send me those grades as soon as you get them, I'm really anxious to see how everything turned out.

Be sure and send me some current event updates too. Car bombs in Egypt, cats staging a military coup in the East and taking control of the Ukrainian presidency...things like that.

Take care, I'll be emailing next week.

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