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Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 3, 2013

January 3, 2013

Eh. My grades could have been better. Doctrine and Covenants must have been curved down because I was sure I got an A. I'm kind of miffed about Personal Finance too I thought that was an A for sure. I guess I'm happy with civ and math though. Anyway I'm flying out on Monday at 8:05 PM from Salt Lake, and going through LA and Melbourne before hitting Adelaide. I'm not sure how all the time things work on the itineraries, but it says I get into Adelaide at 10 AM on the 9th whatever that means. So I don't have an 8th of January at all. I have no idea if my visa worked out, but they haven't called me in about it yet so it shouldn't be an issue. My companion's passport should come in today or tomorrow, which means he can send in a new visa application this week hopefully. He may be able to get out before February but I doubt he'll be on the plane with me. There are two other guys in my district going to Australia, one to Perth and the other to Sydney, and the Sydney guy should be flying with me so at least I won't be solo the entire time. We'll see what happens though.

These MTC computers are retarded some of the keys don't respond unless I like hold it down. They spent all their money on the big screen TVs in all the classrooms that don't ever get used. Oh and by the way I like how the car (the Honda with 200,000 miles on it that Kiefer is taking to BYU) is magically ready to make a cross country trip a few months after I wanted to take it. That car is fine.  Everbody keeps trash talking it and it still runs smoother than a lot of the other cars on the road.

So really, all that’s going on here is some big epidemic that started a few days ago. They had to quarantine like a third of the missionaries here to try and stop everyone from getting it. They had kids in surgical and gas masks all over the place. A couple of kids straight up went crazy during class. Wild stuff. I managed to go this far without getting it, but we still can't shake hands and since it gets around so well I'm pretty sure I'll pick it up before I'm scheduled to leave. We have eleven guys in our district and there was only four of us that weren't in quarantine the past couple days. Only one of the guys in my room picked it up so I should have a chance. We'll see what happens.

Other than that, not too much going on. Class is boring, we got to teach a couple of volunteers in TRC and those went pretty well.  We gave the first guy the "God Potential" talk on the first lesson, and the second guy tithing the first time we saw him. My companion just about had a hard attack both times. They both loved it though, if it wasn't New Years and “germ island” here the past few days, we would have been able to teach them more. 
I have just enough clothes each week to barely get me to P-day and laundry. It’s kind of getting old. My suit is already starting to wear out, the button on the inside popped off this morning and the top button on the coat doesn't look like it’s going to last much longer either. I'm ready to get to Australia and start wearing slacks alone. It’s so cold up here. We don't have thermometers or anything but our instructor said that the past few nights have gone below zero. Not fun, especially when breakfast is at 7:00 AM. My district is a lot of fun though, I'm really gonna miss these guys. We kind of lucked out, seems like all the other districts have all those missionaries that look like they were born the week before going into the MTC. The rest of our zone is like that.  Our district going to Australia and Canada, and the other zones are going to Fort Worth Texas and Provo Utah, plus some sisters going all over the states. 
20 seconds left gotta go. 

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