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Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 13, 2013

So it’s not really a P-day for me but we basically we elected it as one since its more than likely we won’t get another until Monday. So we're getting everything done now. Most of everyone (the Elders in his district) we knew are gone, the rest are leaving in about 3 hours. It’s gonna be pretty quiet in the halls tonight. Tonight there is a Fireside that may or may not be hosting a General Authority.  That should be pretty cool either way.

I'll send everyone the San Jose address when I get there, I have the Mission Home address somewhere but obviously I won't know about PO boxes until later. Just keep emailing until then.

The last few days have actually been really cool; we had a lot of good classes and discussions. On Sunday Elder Uchtdorf just happened to show up for our Departure Devotional, right before he gave the youth Fireside talk over at the Marriott. Which was also fantastic, we watched that Monday morning. And then we had the Head of Internet Proselyting give us a Devotional talk Sunday night. He mentioned that Parley P. Pratt baptized the first Hatch, I thought that was pretty cool. After the Fireside we watched an Elder Uchtdorf talk given at the MTC while Hinckley was still alive. He said some of the same things he said in person which was really neat.  He added that German would be the official language of the Celestial Kingdom, so we should all start learning now.  That's really all that’s going on, I'll be emailing again next week sometime. Honestly I don't expect to be in San Jose longer than 2 or 3 weeks, but we'll see what happens.

Don't get lazy on the current events. Keep me posted. 

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