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Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 10, 2013

Hey Family,

I never have a lot of time on these things so I'll make it fast. I have been re-assigned pending the approval of my visa application (they changed the requirements again, but the Church has everything they need, they just have to organize it and get it sent in). I'll be spending the time up that point in San Jose California, beginning at 5 AM this Wednesday, which is later than I'd like, but the Tuesday devotional here is supposed to be a big deal for reasons that I am not supposed to know and definitely not supposed to talk about. They're pretty touchy about that kind of stuff. I'm pretty excited though, with the cold weather I can't really think of any stateside mission I'd rather have. It should be gorgeous there. I don't really expect to spend longer than a transfer there but we'll see what happens. My companion is coming with me, and the other two guys headed to Australia are going to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So we're all pretty relieved.

And yeah, I missed the big epidemic last week, luckily. They had everybody in gas masks and pretty the whole MTC was in quarantine, kids jumping out of windows and stuff. Not fun. But this week I've caught a cold the past couple days and everything I drink inevitably thickens and makes it way slowly out of my sinuses. So I'm all kinds of dried up. Also not fun. The classes are getting pretty long too. My first districts was pretty much as good as I could ask for, the Canada guys were pretty great, but they all left at the beginning of the week and we got transfers to the district of Elders that are going to Provo and Fort Worth Texas. The FW group has a couple good Elders in it. 

My new MTC teacher is a Sister. And she's more of a therapist than an instructor so that kind of gets old. And her comp teacher is (edited) so that’s not always fun either.  We talk about the same things every 3 hour class. So I'm kind of ready to get out of here. I'll survive though. I really hope they can sort of the visas soon.

Other than that not too much is going on. I heard Alabama roasted Norte Dame, sad day but kind of saw that coming. And yes Kiefer, it has been pretty insanely cold, we don’t get thermometers up here so there is pretty much the basic cold to “don’t-go-outside-or-your-eyebrows-freeze” scale. Today is extra nice though, it’s finally warm. Good day for P-day.

I'll be calling sometime soon. I guess I’ll call the house phone, probably tomorrow. Not that I have anything to say after this email but hey they gave me a phone call I might as well use it. Since this is my last P-day here I have no idea when I'll be emailing next, just keep watching and everything.

It’s cool to hear about school and everything Kiefer, glad that’s going alright. And yeah I wasn't too great about emailing you every week or sometimes every month even. Sorry about that, I know school gets busy and everything. Good luck in 112 (Chemistry). I don't remember if you got Corey, but if so, he's pretty cool. Just so you know you're long term long is to watch for the Fallout 4 announcement and let me know the generals of it. And yes the food (at the MTC) is nasty I usually have the salad. And I'm the guy who sits there and tells them what to put on it. And I don't care. I haven't tried the OJ definitely don't trust that.

Gotta go I'm at negative 10 seconds. Talk to everyone later.

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