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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


forwarded to me on January 31, 2012:

Hi Buck and Claire,

Guess who Declan and I just met.  Elder Colin Hatch from Fort Worth Texas!  He and his companion came over for dinner tonight.  They had to take their dinner to go and share a message with me on the porch because Johnny has been working a ton lately and wasn't home.  Elder Hatch immediately asked if I was related to any Mckeons in Texas.  And at first I only remembered that Dave and Hali had lived there for a bit recently and Elder Hatch said he didn't think the dads name was Dave.  And then he said I think his name is Buck :).  Anyway, he went on and on about how he thinks your family is the coolest and that his family loves you guys.  He says to especially say hi to Joseph and Tim.  He's in San Jose serving for a bit waiting for his visa so that he can go to Australia.   He shared a great message with us and seems like a sharp Elder.  If you still talk to his family, tell them that you heard through the grapevine that their son is an excellent missionary already and that members in San Jose are impressed with him.  Made me miss you guys and your cute kids when we were talking about you! Love you guys.


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