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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 3, 2013

Everything's pretty much the same here.  It’s kind of dry, we don't have any progressing investigators and we can't contact very easily since there aren't any crowded areas. We go to the park a lot but the majority of the people there don't speak English. So most of our day is just visiting less actives, and even the ones who are nice don't really come to Church just because we came by.

We had a baptism this weekend into our Ward, but she was having sisters teach her so it wasn't even really from the Elders I replaced. We have one planned for another woman this Saturday but she's cancelled our last appointment and we're having trouble getting to her so we might have to cancel. Other than that there isn't a whole lot going on.

Oh but I did teach a lesson to a Mckeon family. He's Buck’s little brother.  (Buck McKeon and family used to live in our Ward in Fort Worth...we miss their sweet family). So that was kind of cool. I should be heading out of San Jose on the 20th of February. That’s when the transfer ends. The Church doesn't tell my President when they get the Visa, they'll just send me an itinerary a week or so before if I do and I won't get one if I don't. I'm almost positive they'll have it by now, apparently the only reason the New Zealand Elder got to go was his Mission President made a big deal about not getting any missionaries so they just went ahead and pulled him out before the transfer. 

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