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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 12, 2013

Great to hear from all you guys, good to know everything is still going well back home. President Watkins got my itinerary this past week, my flight leaves LA (I think) on the 25th of February. So two weeks from yesterday. Transfers are this next Wednesday so I'll probably be in a trio with whomever my companion is going to train next transfer for a few days. I think I will be able to have plenty of time to call from airports but I'll talk to President about that and see.  Other than that not too much is going on other than the usual. We stay busy. We're trying to get the Ward to get us more referrals but it'll probably take some time before we get any really good ones. 

For P-day yesterday we went down to Santa Cruz at the boardwalk and played volleyball all day. President is pretty lenient with being near the water so we walked right next to the waves for a couple hours too. It was about 65 degrees so good weather too. And the drive down there through the hills is almost better than the beach itself. 

This Sunday the speakers didn't finish all the time so Bishop invited me up to impromptu for a bit. I only took about 5 minutes I think, felt like I should have gone a little longer. It was good though.

School sounds great man (Kiefer), glad to know you're staying busy and enjoying classes. And I told you with Corey, he's a lot of fun. You're lucky though I think he only sang once for us. Great guy. And Chemistry is going to lacerate your forehead, decant the fluid into a calorimeter, and test it (in multiple trial runs) to make sure it has enough chemistry power to soak in the insane amount of information they beat you with both in and out of class. But hey if you enjoy that... really though it’s not impossible. Stick with and don't fall behind and you'll come out on top. Spring and Summer should be great, I definitely enjoyed the terms way more than the full semesters; except with my roommates. Take care and keep warm, it’s great to hear from you.

Thanks for the emails. I'll update everyone again next week.

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