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Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 12, 2013

So temple week is actually next week... So I'm here now.

I got the office staff to repair the suit I came out with, so now I think I'm going to take the more pricey suit back to the vault. If you could send a sewing machine in the care package box that might be helpful. I just have one pair of shoes, the new ones I bought at the Provo mall before coming out. They were on sale. Great shoes, they're pretty comfortable and they've lasted a good while. I had to replace the soles; the originals had holes bigger than my toes, so they're alright now. They had some cookie cutter made-in-China ones that look pretty nice at Coles for about $20, I'm going to go pick those up just for meetings. No I don't need you to send my shoes though.

The transfers just came through, and my companion and I are both staying here in Glenside. This is his final transfer. I'm a bit disappointed, but I'm not really sure why it'll be nice not to have to bring someone up to speed on the area. This is the first time I'll have to miss transfer meeting though.

Not a whole lot of other things going on. Missionary work as usual. 

Thanks for the early mail, good luck with the house and everything. I'll be emailing again next Thursday!

Elder Hatch

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