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Sunday, August 4, 2013

With Kiefer

Hey Colin,

Saw some pictures of that dinner you had Saturday. Ha ha that family was fresh. We're they Samoan's? Some island food sounds really good. It's weird how when I'm writing you I'm always in Church and on top of that I'm generally having a craving for some random food related thing. I saw they had the taro, cassava and chop suey... Hope you ate heaps. The more you eat the more blessings they get. It looked really good. I bet your companion loved the feed. I bet the family loved him too. With a Poly companion I reckon you'll run into a lot more Poly's. Have fun.

Stadium of fire was last week. It was fun. I clocked a little under 100hrs on the last pay week with overtime pay. It's was a hit and it was a long night but it was a lot of fun. As it turns out Kelly Clarkson is not the prettiest person out there...so much so that her merchandising people that sell her t-shirt and such have to make hideous t-shirt to cover up the fact that she just doesn’t photograph well. Kind of funny really.

Well that's what's going on with me. I have to decide what classes I want to take this week and buy my $200 organic chemistry book, which will hurt.  It'll be a good week. Hope things are going well. Ttyl. 


Colin's reply:


Hahaha I love the islanders! The Moaris say Owda. Yes.... That night was so good. You can't really see in the picture but they gave me raw fish too. I don't know how they do it, I couldn't figure out how to eat it right. They were the Elisala family; they were baptized a little over a year ago, and just went through the Temple for the first time a couple months ago. They're from Tuvalu. They are kingdom builders! Golden converts. Zion. Nicest people ever. Taro was not what I expected, but still good. I like the cassava better. Chop Suey is fantastic. I was dying when I got out of there. They're literally almost the last house at the very bottom of our area and it’s uphill to get back to the flat, not a fun ride home. She made a cake too... oh boy. My first Poly companion made us Oti, that was really good, I'm thinking of picking up the stuff for it and making some soon.

100 hours sounds crazy, hope it was fun. Good money. Thanks for the mail! Good luck at uni this week. Are they smashing Utah with member missionary work like they're smashing Australia? Go get a referral for the Provo Elders :) We'll talk more soon.

Elder Hatch
from July 15

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