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Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 5, 2013

Colin’s emails are often just a series of sentences in response to the emails he received so they are often hard to follow out of context.  In my email on the 5th to him I told him I was going to be sending him a care package…

Oh boy, package time. Send recipes for Mexican food. Enchiladas, Toastados, anything else. There’s a Columbian couple in our Ward that I want to ask to make tamales. We're hopefully going for Mexican food today. And send a couple boxes of Mac and Cheese. They don't have any here. New shirts would be nice and any nice ties that you find on sale. So with the suit situation... they had me look in the vault for suits. And somebody had just brought in three brand new ones that just happened to be pretty much perfectly my size. I took two, they both still had the tags, one was $229 I think and the other was $449. So I was pretty excited. Until I got to church and realized it’s a bit flashy. They aren't dark either; both are kind of a light grey so I stand out like a sore thumb. And they're 32 waists but they're a pretty sleazy 32. More like 30 and 1/2 with a bit of elastic. I need to get some new shoes here; mine look more like missionary shoes every day. Send more of the red Altoids too and another pair of those cheap black fabric gloves. Whatever else you think is nice.

I don't really feel like a missionary now, I have a couple of slacks I usually wear but one of our investigators has a smelly dog and when I got up this morning all I could smell was smelly dog so I'm washing just about everything I own. So right now I'm emailing in a light gray sweater and the light grey slacks I brought from home. Same thing at church yesterday with the grey suits.

The cat (BeBe) is huge now! Thanks for all the pictures. Sounds like the house is doing well, its weird to think it'll be empty pretty soon. Like I said I'm excited to see the new place.

This week was pretty normal, nothing too crazy to report. Transfers are next week so we're all getting predictions together. If I don't get transferred, you won't hear from me until the next Thursday since this Districts’ Temple P-day is that first week, and we go on Thursdays. I'm pretty sure I'm staying though.

Thanks for the mail! I smashed Kiefer to get a girlfriend last week. I want nephews and nieces. Good luck this week :)

To Ross who told him about the new media presentation at the Temple: 

There's a new movie??? I had no idea, man I'm so excited to go the Temple again. If I don't get transferred then I should be able to go in about ten days. I wonder which one they'll be showing there. I want to see it so bad!! And 12 minutes longer might be bad for the Temple workers, but I'm just fine with a little extra time. Do they do different things?

I've jumped back on the journal boat in the past two days, before that I hadn't written all transfer so I'm recommitting to do a little every day. We don’t have Ipads yet and we haven't heard anything else about them. I'm pretty sure the office staff has Church Ipads now though, not sure if they'll ever get them around to us.

This week was pretty normal, not a whole lot to report. We have about 6 or 7 solid investigators but they all have pretty restricted schedules, so they'll be baptized, but we don't really teach very many lessons. It’s pretty weird. There's a pretty big difference between those who have been prepared and those who haven't. Either they won't talk to you at all, or they'll get baptized in two months. There's really no middle ground.

Good to hear from you, have a great week, good luck with work and getting everything finished on the house.

Elder Hatch

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