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Mission Ready
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 28, 2013

To Mom:

Terry is BAPTIZED!! I saw him for just a few minutes afterward, he's now moved to Melbourne. He's the man.

My talk in Church was alright, I really hate public speaking and I hate how the best revelation for Sacrament talks only comes when you sit down. But no, it went very well. I was speaking on missionary work. I had a lot of studying to do.

These Elders with the car are useless. I'm not sure I'll ever be getting a new suit. I had one of the office Sisters sew up my old suit though and my black pair of slacks, hopefully they get back to me soon. I wear the same pants every day to meetings and out working, so they're developing some pretty scandalous character as well.

It’s been freezing the past couple weeks, but the past couple days have been perfect day and night. I had been wearing the gloves…until one of the APs decided he really liked them. Maybe I'll get them back sometime it’s not something I really worry about. I need to go borrow some of his ties anyway.

Everyone’s moving... good to think it'll be a younger neighborhood though. Have kids running around everywhere. Break the X boxes. Go outside. Your grandkids will never know the feeling of a console controller in their hands.

To Dad:

I’ve stayed pretty healthy so far.   I don't think I'd mind a sick day every now and then though just to spend some time studying. I guess it'd get old pretty quick though.

You had fifteen baptisms while you were Bishop???  I never remembered seeing anyone new at Church and hardly ever any investigators. And I don't feel like there was ever anybody that really stood out as a kingdom builder baptism. Is there anyone baptized while you were Bishop that’s still there now? Would I remember them?

Oh boy. The kilos (weight gain). I don't look any different, but I feel different. I really miss running and swimming. I've started really watching what I eat now, I try not to eat anything after 7pm or so if I can help it. I think it’s really helping, but I guess I'll find out in a couple weeks. The hard part is when members feed us every night and I can't really control much of anything.

We have full weeks and empty weeks for meals; it kind of just depends on who signs up. We're right outside downtown, so pretty urban, but the edge of our area is hills so there's a good mix.

I always felt like we had some of the weirdest missionaries (in 5th Ward) haha. I do remember a couple good ones though. There was quite a while there near when I left where we didn't really have missionaries over at all.

I'm excited to see the new house. And Arizona will be way better than Texas anyway.

Thanks for the mail, good luck in Palmdale this week and on finishing up the house!

Elder Hatch

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