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Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 15, 2013


I did get the memory stick, thanks a bunch; I love the BYU devotionals on there. I've only had time to go through the first bit of McConkie's "7 Deadly Heresies" (which I've never read but heard a lot about) but I'm excited to get deeper into all of it. It's a lot easier to listen to tracks when we a have a car, not too much time to just turn it on in the apartment. Have to listen to it while we're sleeping basically. The first week two weeks of July came and went and we've heard nothing more on the iPad situation. We're thinking soon, but I thought we'd have them by now. No idea though.

The areas quite a bit different; Glenside and Glenunga (versus Mawson Lakes) are pretty well known as the rich neighborhoods around here so the work is really different. When I came in the Elders were teaching quite a bit, but a lot of the lessons weren't going to go anywhere. So the majority of our investigator pool has been swept, and we spend most of our time working with the members and finding on the streets and door steps. We’ve only been teaching 5 or 6 investigator lessons the past couple weeks, but hopefully that'll start to change when we get some solid investigators in the pool. Member missionary work is where the real power is at though, we're trying to do a lot more work with members finding and referring to us. It’s slower work with a lot less numbers, but the people they come up with will be kingdom builders for sure, it’s just a matter of time. 


to Mom:

The new Ward is basically the heart of Adelaide; we have the Temple in our boundaries, so there are quite a few really solid members here. We are living in a suburb called Glenunga on 97 Sydney Street. It’s still a pretty nice flat, but it’s got a different style than Mawson Lakes so it feels pretty different.   My companion was on the Tongan national team a while ago. The Elisala's are the best! They're feeding three companionships this week! They work so hard. Nicest people ever. Food was so good.

Oh boy. So the suit... is definitely not a size 32 waist. It’s more like a 26. The coat would have worked, it was only a little tight, but the pants don't go past my legs. I'm hoping to go suit shopping today with the assistants, we'll bring the suit along and see if I give sell it for a discount on whatever I buy. I'll figure something out though, thanks so much for trying and getting it to me. It was perfect color and material, and it looking pretty comfy. I just couldn't fit inside of it. I'm kind of worried I'll be going on a bit of a shops craze soon.. all of my shirts are no wear near the color white, I don't like very many of my ties, and the suit I'm wearing is a hand me down and is about 4 sizes too small for me. Oh and all my biking pants have holes in them except for the two nice ones, which I don't really wear at all because I don't want them to have holes in them too. Right now I've been using the missionary mall suit pants to do all the biking, they're holding up real well but they really look pretty bad. I'll figure something out. Spend more time at Salvos than at Church.

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